Do you Pay too Much Property Tax?

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Disputing an assessment

You open the latest assessment notice from your local assessor and are surprised to see the assessed value is more than you think it should be. Remember in Michigan the taxable value is 50% of the value the local assessors office has estimated for your property. The first thing to do is check for errors. Is the address correct? Is the property classification correct? Do you own a home and you are classified commercial? Errors should be the first step, second request a property description from your property card from your local assessor or through us. Doing this will show you what your assessor has for remarks of your property. Does your card state you have four bedrooms when you have three. The chances are pretty high that an assessor has never seen the inside of your home. Facts like this should be checked every few years. Every one is concerned with credit monitoring these days, why not your taxes. You do file a federal tax return every year, why not verify your property tax.

After verifying all information is correct you need to determine a fair market value of your home. What would it sell for today on the open market, not what your neighbor is assessed at. Remember many in Michigan who have been in there homes for years and have not applied for permits or made significant improvements have benefited from Proposal A and may be paying less than if they just moved in.

By accessing public records at your local courthouse you can find comparable sales to use as evidence during your appeal with the appeals board in your area. We also provide these services through our network of real estate professionals. Residential Owners Commercial Owners

Most areas hold appeal hearings the first week of March, so know your local appeal boards guidelines and procedures. It is best to be prepared. Going at it alone can be accomplished or let us help you to ensure that you are paying your fair share of Michigan Property Tax.

Do you Pay too Much Property Tax?


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Source: Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller

Tax Rates

Property owners can calculate their tax bill by multiplying that taxable value by the tax rate.
In Michigan, the property tax rate is called a millage, and it is figured in mills. A mill equals $1 in taxation for every $1,000 in taxable value.

A parcel may have several millages in its tax rate. There is likely to be a millage to operate local government, and another for the county. Part of the millage rate may include mills for libraries, police and fire or schools.